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A Kasturi

I was on an endless trail of learning and preparing for a job interview before I started coaching with Algorithms and Me. And then I was on track! He has a very practical and methodical approach for interview preparation. The best thing is, it was for me, as per my current situation and taking on from there. A big thanks!

J Saosa

I recommend the service provided by Algorithms and Me to any programmer who has a Computer Science background and needs fast results in getting ready for job interviews. The instructor can suggest problems for you to practice, so you can better retain the material provided. Support after the sessions is provided on a needed basis. The overall service provided was a tremendous help.

Anonymous-placed at Microsoft

This course is very intensive and it acted as a refresher for me to go through various concepts of data structures and algorithms. The patterns explained here helped me to analyze the problem in a much broader perspective and applying the right concepts to optimize the solution. I would definitely recommend it for working professionals who face challenges to recollect DSA concepts after a long while.

T. Chiru

Jitendra’s expertise in Algorithms and passion for teaching makes him a great mentor. In every session I had with him, I learned super useful problem-solving techniques. It would have been much harder to come up with these techniques myself. He was always there for unblocking me on the tough problems. Aside from one-to-one sessions, the blog is an additional advantage. It has a nice selection of problems explained in great detail. I believe having a mentor speeds up the learning process and recommend Jitendra.

A. Raja

I was doing my interview preparation for a long time even did lots of interviews and been failed at lots, slowly I was losing confidence. I was seriously looking everywhere for the mentor or the teacher. After the classes, your way of teaching, dedication, and your real-life experience in the industry gave me lots of knowledge and really truly got the hope “Yes I can do it”. Right now I have double down on preparation with the hope and right knowledge given by you.


Jitendra has helped me immensely by mentoring me. His approach of discussing the algorithm and then dry run the algorithm on a data set is an approach that is better than other mentors. Jitendra also gives the right feedback which helps you and some part of the session is actually a mock interview which lets you run your brain and get better on the problem set. The tips from him will always remain with me. There is no doubt I have grown as a professional by applying suggestions. I write better code. This is all because of some of the traits he helped me acquire.

Personalized coaching

We coach individuals on a personal basis rather than in classrooms, work with them on concepts, help them solve problems and finally conduct mock interviews. Technical interviews go beyond just algorithms and data structures. Our coding interview tips give you crucial tips and tricks that’ll make you stand out.

Mock interviews and feedback sessions

It is always good to have someone to practice with and challenge our own comfort zones.

Preparing with some expert makes you follow a time table, when you understand concepts, apply them on problems and face mock interview rounds. You get real-time feedback if you are progressing toward your goal. The interview result should not be a surprise.

Curated study material

Based on your level, time and company we provide you with curate study material for interview preparation. Coding interview prep is a numbers game that many candidates lose. We’ve hand-picked top concepts and of the best coding interview questions to truly prepare you for an interview. The Internet is vast and it is easy to get lost in it. Specially under pressure, when you are preparing for your dream company interview. If there is someone who can coach you through that time, isn’t that cool!

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Data structures, algorithms, system design, concurrency, design patterns and much more

Rigorous Mock Interviews

We know that interviews are sometimes scary affair. We conduct rigorous mock interviews and provide you with actionable feedback and learning material.

Career Skills Development

We conduct workshops for career growth, provide feedback on resume and help you to streamline your interviews for best outcome.

Affordable fee structure

We do not charge a bomb from our users, you can opt for different fee structure based on your situation.

Plenty of 1 x 1 Help

Limiting batch size to only 5 students helps us to spend time with each individual in 1 x 1 sessions. We provide support on email and WhatsApp as well.


We use our network in companies to get you referrals. This costs you nothing.

We are here for professionals

Evenings & Weekends

Most of our students are working, that's why schedule classes on evenings or weekends as preferred by students

Personalized coaching for interview preparation

Remote and online

Does not matter where you live, you can access our services online.

Long term support

Our relationship does not end with end of course. We continue to support our students for next 6 months after the course

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