About Us

What comes to mind when we start looking for a new job? Interview, isn’t it? Don’t we wish if there were someone who can help us through that process?

There are many resources on web which can help you, however, do you find that they are helpful? Content there is often too generic and impersonal.

Algorithms and Me provides interview coaching, when you need it and where you need it, in person. We are team of qualified software developers with experience of working in big tech companies like Microsoft, CISCO, Amazon etc and gone through their interview processes.With curated content for every role like server side developer or client side developer, we can help you with refresher before you face your interview.

Algorithms and Me believes that every person should get a fair chance to make his or her mark, and we prepare them to do so by providing best and relevant learning  experience.

If you are preparing for interview, contact us and our team will reach out to you.