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We all know something that we can share. You never know how your small effort can help someone land their dream job, improve someone’s knowledge base or solve a problem they were struggling with for hours.

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When preparing for interviews, we do not leave anything to chance, we look for every possible place to not miss anything. Why do not we help people to find what they need for interview preparation.

Find yourself

As the old proverb goes, you learn more when you teach. What better than teaching others and learn yourself? It keeps you up to date with concepts you write about.

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Write what people would love to read., concepts, interview tips, interview experiences and anything you think can help other to do well in interviews.

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We pay upfront to author $10 for each approved article. We pay you $0.10 for each subscribed user who reads your article.

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Publish the great work you just finished on our website and wait for people to appreciate the effort you put in. All content you write is filed under your name, so you can showcase it.

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Build a community, where people do not have to subscribe to expensive or non-professional sources.

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You never know how your small effort can impact others lives

Frequently asked questions

Many things actually. First, the recognition from our members, second, satisfaction of touching someone’s life in positive way and third, earning that you deserve for your efforts.

And best of all, you are part of our mission to democratize technical education. Accessible, affordable, on-demand, personalized education.

You can register on the platform and we will send you the guidelines how to publish and what are our editorial guidelines.

Yes. Readers who aren’t yet members can access a select number of free articles per month, so your ideas still reach everyone on the internet. For unlimited stories, readers can upgrade to membership for $5 / month.

However, you’ll only earn money when a subscribing member reads your article, or when a reader becomes a member within 30 days of reading your article.

There are many platforms where you can write and create value. However, at Algorithms and Me, we intend to create a win-win platform, where you as content created also win in terms of recognization and money both. Not only you add value to other’s life, but you get paid for the effort you put in.

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